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Criterii EFSA
Article 13(3) health claims of Regulation (EC)
Posted by admin 2009-06-05


» Article 13(3) healt...

Criterii EFSA


Criteria for the initial screening of Article 13(3) health claims of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 as agreed by the EFSA NDA Panel on 7 October 2008


Criteria for returning health claims back to the European Commission for further clarification on the scope or information to be added for:


1. Claims where clarification on scope is needed (e.g. claims referring to risk reduction or referring to children’s development and health, or medicinal claims)


2. General well-being claims where the health relationship is not clear, e.g. Compound X supplementation to sustain vitality while aging


3. Claims which are too vague (claim effect not specified/measurable), e.g. Compound X and energy and vitality. Proposed wording: Compound X is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality


4. Foods which are not sufficiently characterised or conditions of use are not sufficiently specified


5. Combination constituents that are not sufficiently defined


6. Claims in other languages than English (to be returned for translation). If EFSA is asked to carry out the translations, EFSA will send translated claims back to Member States for validation of the translation.

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